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Best Tech Service provides a full range of Information Technology Consulting, including, but not limited to:

• Computer and Network consulting
Best Tech Service can help you with all of your computer and network needs. We excel at troubleshooting with the abilty to untangle complex situations in a timely manner. We can help streamline your computer use to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck. We can specify, purchase and install computers, servers, printers and networking equipment as well as training you and your staff to make sure you get the most out of your equipment investment.
• Networking
We have set up networks ranging from Local Area Networks with just a few computers and printers, to setting up and maintaining Wide Area Networks that connect offices and colocation centers around the world.
• Database consulting
We can create and maintain custom database solutions for your specific needs, including databases that are accessible over the internet. We worked with one client to update their existing database to allow importing and storage of scanned documents and linking them to specific records thus saving them an enormous amount of floor space that was taken up by filing cabinets.
• Virtualization
We helped one client convert all of their servers to virtual machines using VMWare ESXi, reducing their rack space requirements by 66% and helping to ensure uptime by setting up redundant virtual machine hosts.
• Apple Computer product support
We have been dealing with Apple computers since the days of the Apple II. We can help you with any of your Apple computer products including integrating Apple computers into your existing network, replacing equipment with Apple based products as necessary.
• Web site and email hosting
We have been providing email and web site hosting since 1995. Our data center is climate controlled, has multiple links to the internet, battery and generator power backup. We can support any of your hosting requirements.
• Custom C/C++/Java programming
• WordPress Hosting
• Web app Development and Hosting
• Telephone system installation and maintenance
We have installed Avaya Partner phone systems as well as VOIP based systems at a number of client locations.

We provide you with a complete project cycle: specification, development, implementation, documentation, and maintenance.